WHO WE ARE :  
      Everything started by tinkering on our own cars. But after a short time we recognized, that it was very hard to find spare parts for our old FORDs. So we started to search for parts ourselves and in 1989 we set up the OLD CARS & PARTS SHOP.  
    Meanwhile our staff consists of 15 employees, with constantly rising knowledge about everything concerning FORD. Since 2004 the company is named MOTOMOBIL and now we are trying to supply every part for really every FORD.  
      Gladly we try to help you by solving your technical and spare part problems.  
      WHAT WE SUPPLY :  
      Spare parts from A-Z, as well as accessories for all European FORD models from 1960 up to now.  
      It is very important for us to have a wide range of different items to help You in any case.  
      Meanwhile our stock did rise up to 25.000 different items and there is no end in sight. Because of our daily dispatch by DHL, DPD, we are able to deliver our products worldwide within 1 to 10 days.  
    Pictured catalogues & model specific pricelists for all cars can be downloaded from our website. Catalogues for other models are being prepared.  
      Feel free to visit our homepage and browse our whole product range in our online-shop.  
  Partly you will find some parts in out catalogues which are not available. Because we cannot make our catalogues topical constantly and we often buy old stocks which often include some rare parts, we do show these parts further on.  
MOTOMOBIL GmbH - Georg-Wimmer-Ring 3 - 85604 Zorneding - Deutschland   We ask for Your understanding. If a badly needed part is not available we will do our best to find an alternative or start a reproduction if the demand is high enough.  
TEL +49 (0) 8106 - 996 77 60   CATALOGUE-NAVIGATION :  
FAX +49 (0) 8106 - 996 77 40   If You click on the part number you will see right away (as far as You are connected to the internet) details, availability and the actual price of the selected part und you may order it directly if You want.   With the small arrows on the bottom of each page you can jump to the next or previous page.
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